3D Printing: Research and Prototyping at the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials
Making 3D Tissue Engineering Accessible to All

The 3D printing laboratory enables for the rapid creation of scaffolds composed of a wide variety of materials from soft hydrogels over polymer melts up to hard ceramics and metals.

We use 3D printing as a manufacturing process for medical devices and tissue scaffolds from a wide variety of materials, including:



Envisiontec's Manufacturer Series BIO-01-100

Bio 3D Plotter

Built-in camera to enhance needle calibration and to ensure consistent prints
Print molten plastics up to 250C
Print head movement accuracy of .001mm in all three dimensions
five cartridge slots for more materials in a single print

The 3D-Bioplotter system is a rapid prototyping tool for processing a great variety of biomaterials using Computer Aided Tissue Engineering from 3D CAD models and patient CT data to create a physical 3D scaffold with a designed outer form and an open inner structure. 


Our other available 3D Printers:

Monoprice Dual-head FDM 3D Printer
Monoprice Dual-head FDM Printer

Type A Machines 3D Printer
Type A Machines Single-head FDM Printer
BioBot 3D Printer
BioBots Pressure Assisted Solvent-cast Printer