Service & Training

The Cell Biology laboratory at the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials offers research related services and training to academic and industrial researchers. Please see the fees chart for more information. The facilities and technical expertise available at NJCBM in various fields such as cell biology, cell culture, molecular biology, microbiology, biomedical engineering and biomaterials makes it an ideal place for your research needs. Please contact Yong Mao for further information.

Download NJCBM Facility Use Requisition Form for service/training.

Fee Structure

To accommodate both long-term and short-term project users, we offer a choice of two fee structures: an annual core user fee and an hourly fee. The annual core user fee covers extended laboratory use including a reasonable level of technical assistance.  In either case, the purchase of all consumables (such as disposable supplies, cells, culture media, and reagents) are the responsibility of the user.