The mission of the Rutgers University Neuro-Engineering Group (RUNEG) is to facilitate translational research in the development of devices that enhance central and peripheral nerve regeneration, restoration of motor and sensory function, and transmission of neural signals by brain-computer interfaces. While being focused on biomaterials science and the engineering disciplines, RUNEG will bring together researchers from neuroscience, chemical biology, imaging, stem-cell technology, nanotechnology, computational modeling as well as physicians. 

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  • RUNEG Industry Showcase: Bridging the Research Therapy

    The landscape of science, research and innovation has changed dramatically over the last decade with contributions from pioneers in neuroengineering. From industry, academia and clinical medicine, work has been done across a number of disciplines to further links between these networks to develop new biotechnologies, treatments and engineered systems.

  • An Insider's Perspective

    I arrived the Rutgers Life Sciences building at 8 AM on April 22, 2015. The building's lobby, a vast and open space, is sparsely populated save for a few seats, tables, and the occasional passer-by, most who work in the building.