Mentoring Faculty

The 14 mentors for this new program are based at Rutgers University, Boston University, Princeton University,                                                                                                          Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Case Western Reserve University and Mayo College of Medicine.

First row (L to R): Martin Grumet, PhD, Joachim Kohn, PhD, Bozena Michniak, PhD, Prabhas Moghe, PhD

Second row (L to R):  Jean Schwarzbauer, PhD, Christopher Chen, MD, PhD, Anthony Windebank, MD, Michael Yaszemski, MD, PhD, Harald Ott, MD

Third row (L to R): Cathryn Sundback, PhD, Joseph Vacanti, MD, Arnold Caplan, PhD, Stanton Gerson, MD, Gary Wnek, PhD



Martin Grumet, PhD
Joachim Kohn, PhD
Bozena Michniak, PhD
Prabhas Moghe, PhD

  • Stem cell and molecular mechanisms in spinal cord injury
  • Biomaterials synthesis, drug delivery, medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical science, drug delivery systems, skin models
  • Stem cell bioengineering, imaging, and cell-material interactions

Jean Schwarzbauer, PhD

Molecular/cell biology, extracellular matrix proteins and structure

Christopher Chen, MD, PhD

  • Mechanotransduction, angiogenesis; cancer; stem cell biology

Anthony Windebank, MD
Michael Yaszemski, MD, PhD

  • Neurobiology, repair and regeneration after neural injury
  • Orthopedic surgery, musculoskeletal tissue engineering

Cathryn Sundback, PhD
Joseph Vacanti, MD
Harald Ott, MD

  • Biomaterials for tissue engineering of nerve, muscle and bone
  • Cell-seeded scaffolds and growth factors; Tissue Engineering
  • Whole organ regeneration: decellularization, reseeding and engraftment with native cells

Arnold Caplan, PhD
Stanton Gerson, MD
Gary Wnek, PhD

  • Molecular and cellular biology of regeneration and aging
  • Stem cells and DNA repair, Therapy for hematologic malignancy
  • Polymer-based microfluidic platforms and fabrication.