Calendar of CDR 2017 Past Events


January 30th

CDR Seminar Series - Patricia M. Brieva, PhD, "Organic Acid Applications within the Cosmeceutical Industry 'Chemical Peels'"

February 15th

CDR Seminar Series - Joanna Jacków, "Gene-corrected fibroblast therapy for recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa using a SIN COL7A1 retroviral vector"

February 27th

CDR Seminar Series Samuel Gourion Arsquaud, joint seminar with TRI Princeton

March 13th

CDR Seminar Series joint with Colgate Palmolive - Peter R. HilliardColgate-Palmolive, "The Technology Behind Antiperspirants and Deodorants"

April 24th

CDR Seminar Series joint with Colgate Palmolive - Aixing FanColgate-Palmolive, "Introduction to Surfactants in Skin Cleansers"

April 25th

BADF eventSteve Herman"Decision Tree Reasoning to Establish the Safety of Aroma Chemicals"

May 15th

CDR Seminar Series - Zsolt Szabados, Presperse, "Sunscreen Formulation and its Challenges"

May 22nd

 CDR Seminar Series - David B. Lebo, Temple University, "Is There A Better In Vitro Model for Transungal Permeation?"

June 5th

CDR Seminar Series - Michael Koganov, Ashland Inc.” Harmoniance™: Multifunctional and Sustainable Zeta Fraction from Sacred Lotus”

August 3rd

CDR Seminar Series with TRI (at TRI Princeton)- Kevin Mills, P&G.

August 28th

CDR Seminar Series - Amy Ethier, BASF 

October 2-3

Innovations in Dermatological Sciences: Harnessing the Skin Microbiome  MORE INFO

October 16th CDR Seminar Series - Ilya Raskin, Rutgers “Novel Botanicals for Skin Care and Health”
November 6th CDR Seminar Series - Carl Germano, Verdant Oasis "Feeding The Subcutaneous Endocannabinoid System: Beautiful & Healthy Skin With Hemp Based Phytocannabinoids"
November 13th CDR Seminar Series - Angelike Galdi, L’Oreal
December 6th CDR Seminar Series - Bill Welsh"Avalanche, a novel computational tool for property prediction of bioactive molecules"


Calendar of CDR 2016 Past Events

January 18th

CDR Seminar Series - Mark Chandler "Emulsions and their impact on sensory, formulation, deposition and delivery systems", ACT Solutions Corp joint with TRI Princeton

February 8th

CDR Seminar Series - Manasi Chava, “Age and UV Exposure- associated Changes in Skin Elasticity", BASF

March 1st

 SEMINAR - Anne Marie Api, Ph.D., "The RIFM Human Health Science Program"

March 14th

CDR Seminar Series - Amy Ethier, “Excipient Selection and the Effect on Performance and Physical Properties of Semi-Solids”, BASF

April 6th

The Rutgers Masters of Business and Science Program and the Center for Dermal Research at Rutgers University are proud to present a unique opportunity for students to learn about varied careers in the field of personal care science. See flyer for more details.

April 18th

CDR Seminar Series, joint with TRI Princeton - Angela Christiano, “Efficacy of JAK Inhibitors in the Treatment of Alopecia Areata”, Columbia University Reception is at 5:30-6:30 pm

May 24th

Workshop co-hosted with BASF, “Topical Semi-solid Microstructure and its Significance in Formulation Performance and Efficacy”

June 7th

BADF event Dr. Don SchaffnerRutgers University, "Viewing Handwashing and Hand Sanitizers From the Perspective of a Food Microbiologist"

June 20th

Event joint with TRI Princeton, Kavita Beri, BE Skin & Laser Med Spa, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, at TRI,"Epidermal Stem Cells, and the Role of Stem Cells in Wound Healing"

September 12th

CDR Seminar Series - Serom Lee, BME-Rutgers University, “An In Vitro Approach to Identify Skin Sensitizers”

September 27-28th

TRI Skin Course, "Advances in Skin Science, Measurement and Treatment"

September 29-30th

 Innovations Day(s), “Delivery of Actives to Skin”

October 13th

BADF event - Harry Fallick,"How Do We  Define Cosmeceutical?"

October 17th

CDR Seminar Series - Hilary Baldwin, MD, “Acne and Inflammation: A Chicken or the Egg Conundrum (For That Matter, Where is the Egg and Who is the Chicken?)” CANCELED!

November 7th

CDR Seminar Series joint with TRI Princeton - David Moore, GSK, "Biophysical Studies of Stratum Corneum Lipid Organization and Barrier Function - Changes Induced by pH, Surfactants and Temperature"

December 1st

BADF event Dr. Donald Schaffner, Rutgers University, "Viewing Handwashing and Hand Sanitizers From the Perspective of a Food Microbiologist"

December 15th

CDR Seminar Series - Robert Falcone, "Personal Care Product Development - Considerations on how to avoid pitfalls"


Calendar of CDR 2015 Past Events

February 9th CDR Seminar Series - Kathryn Uhrich - “Polymeric Bioactives: Polymers from Bioactives”
March 23rd

CDR Seminar Series - Hilton Kaplan - "Enhanced Vitamin Penetration - the Holy Grail in Non-Invasive Facial & Body Rejuvenation"

April 27th

CDR Seminar Series - Anis Rahman - "Terahertz sub-surface imaging and spectroscopy for cellular level identification of skin abnormalities"

January 22nd-May 8th

2015 Graduate Course - "Dermaceutics"

June 8th

CDR Insight Series - Prof. Somasundaran - "New possibilities of greener chemicals for sustainable and benign consumer products"

August 10th

CDR Seminar Series - Patricia Aikens, BASF, “Sunscreens:  A review of technical aspects of photo-protection for the skin”

August 24th

CDR Seminar Series - Olga Lopez, Bicosome, "Bicosome: new lipid technology for skin treatment"

September 28th

CDR Seminar Series - Jennifer Donahue , Sensory mapping methodology detects the unexpected effect of emulsifiers in emulsions

October 12th

CDR Seminar Series - Ricardo Diez, Rutgers University, "Cleansers Beyond Expectations: Not Only Cleansing But Also Improving The Skin"

November 10th

Innovations in Dermatological Sciences, “Skin Sensations: Itch, Pain and Touch" at the Heldrich Hotel

December 7th

 CDR Seminar Series - Tuğrul Özel, Rutgers University, "Microneedle Arrays for Transdermal Delivery"

Calendar of CDR 2014 Past Events

February 10th CDR Seminar - Grazia Stagni, Long Island University
March 26th CDR Seminar - Dr. Joachim Kohn, New Jersey Center for Biomaterials, "Nanoparticulate Drug Carriers for the Delivery of Actives"
April 28th CDR Seminar Series - Hilton Kaplan, Rutgers University “Platelet-Mediated Percutaneous Collagen Induction Through Microneedling The Skin”
May 7th Rutgers’ Center for Dermal Research (CDR) Insights Session - Ni’Kita Wilson, Catalyst Cosmetic Development Essence Magazine "Pathways to Develop and Make Skin Care Products"
May 13th Basic & Applied Dermatology Forum Event "What a Dermatologist looks for in Skin Products" Richard S. Berger, M.D. FAAD
May 19th CDR Seminar Series - Mark Chandler, ACT Solutions Corp. Performance and Patient Compliance - A Perspective Viewing Topical Product Design in a New Light
June 2nd CDR Seminar Series - Sam Shefer, Salvona “Nanotechnology Delivery System to treat Acne - Practical approach”
June 3rd Basic & Applied Dermatology Forum Event "Incorporating Genomics into Skin Care Product Development: How Do Products Really Work?"
August 4th CDR Seminar Series - Linda Rhein, "Mechanisms of Photodamage and Protection with Sunscreens"
August 11th CDR Seminar Series - Mike Southall, Johnson & Johnson, "Paradoxical anti-inflammatory activity from Sertaconazole Nitrate Through Induction of Pro-inflammatory Signaling Cascades"
Sept 15th ONE DAY EDUCATIONAL CLASS - Nava Dayan LLC “Claims Substantiation for Topical Products - Comprehensive & Updated”
Sept 29th CDR Seminar Series - Frank Romanski, BASF, "Excipients: The key to effective Drug Delivery, Formulation Mildness, and Optimized Sensory Performance for Topical Pharmaceutical Products"
October 8th INNOVATION IN DERMATOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2014 "Partnerships in Academia, Industry and Government", Heldrich Hotel, New Brunswick, New Jersey
October 21st United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Course - Focused, relevant instruction on the effective use of the USP-NF, USP-NF Supplements, and Pharmacopeial Forum
October 28th Skin Product Development Update, Basic & Applied Dermatology Forum (BADF), "Designing Formulations For Dermatological Indications"
November 12th Basic & Applied Dermatology Forum Event "The Evolution of Water-in-Oil Emulsion Technology"
December 8th

CDR Seminar Series - Marion K. Gordon Ph.D., Rutgers University - "The Role of Provisional Matrix in Corneal Epithelial Wound Healing"