The New Jersey Center for Biomaterials - our Mission

The New Jersey Center for Biomaterials is dedicated to improving patient care and public health through the development and commercialization of future generations of biomaterials. Since 1991, the Center has been building a nationally recognized resource in biomaterials and Biomaterials Science with a major emphasis on industrial interactions. The Center's scientific focus is on design, synthesis, characterization and fabrication of new materials for tissue engineering and drug delivery, and on understanding cell-material interactions to develop new medical implants and devices. As a consortium of leading academic research institutions working closely with industry, the Center coordinates academic, technical and clinical resources to:
  • Stimulate innovative basic and applied research in biomaterials science
  • Foster novel and productive research teams and partnerships to address the cutting edge challenges in biomaterials science
  • Support shared core facilities to enhance collaborative inter-disciplinary inter-institutional research
  • Serve as a focal point for biomaterials education and professional development
  • Facilitate technology transfer and the commercialization of innovative materials for biomedical applications.

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