Center for Dermal Research CDR

The Center for Dermal Research CDR is a non-profit academic organization based at Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey directed by its Founder, Prof. Bozena “Bo” Michniak-Kohn. It addresses skin care research through a multidisciplinary approach and collaborations with the pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetic industries. The Center offers symposia, seminars, workshops, training, etc. CDR members include more than twenty companies in addition to individual scientists and consultants. For more information contact

The mission of the CDR is to bring together a core faculty in the skin sciences that encompasses several campuses of Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Princeton University and spans departments including Pharmacy, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Chemical Engineering, Molecular Biosciences, Food Sciences, Plant Biology and Dermatology. This is the first time that an academic Center is bringing together this level of skin/dermatological expertise in NJ with pharmaceutical, personal care, cosmetic and regulatory companies in the Northeast.