Videos 2018

  • 1/22/2018 Skin Microbiome as a Tool to Influence Skin Barrier Function and its Future in Regenitive Medicine & Cosmmetic Inovation Kavita Beri Ph.D,  Beri Esthetiqe

     Abstract: Recent advances in understanding the microbiome structure and function of the skin has shown that there is a strong symbiotic relationship between the microbiota of the the skin and its host immune function. The dysbiosis or the imbalance of the microbiome and other factors that hav athe influence to change the surface microbiota can influence keratinocyte regulation and homostaasis as well as skin's barrier function.
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  • 2/12/2018 Probiotic Formulations for Skin: Scopes and Issues : Indu Kaur Ph.D, Panjab University 

    Abstract: Skin, the largest organ of the body, is an ecosystem harboring a large number of microorganisms with a delicate balance however co-exsisting between the host(skin) and the resident flora. Present day stress like pollution, dietary habits and other immunolgical and hormonal alterations  can neverless tilt this balance towards disease including infections. The latter is usually managed with steriod and or antibiotics. However the cost of therapy, side effects and the incidence of antibiotic resistance demands a cheaper and natural alternative. Probiotics are emerging as a potential therapy  for a variety of  skin conditions.
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